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Boo's Bio

joined 7/2/2009

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Boo the Wheaten Female Pug-Zu / Stands 13 inches tall / Weighs 26 lbs / Born 1/19/2008 in Bradford Yorkshire UK / Lives with michdwy in Shipley Yorkshire (United Kingdom)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
Came From
very friendly to all, dogs and people, especially children
Favorite Toy
a golf ball
Favorite Hobby
playing fetch with balls or toys
Favorite Food
Favorite Treat
any treats from other people
Favorite Trick
hiding golf balls under furniture to tease owner
Favorite Place To Sleep
owner's bed
Favorite Place To Play
on golf links with other dogs, joins in any play or run (despite shape)
Favorite Place To Walk
on the moorland where she also likes to swim in ponds if weather ok
playing with family pups who often stay, a lab and a beagle
anything or anybody strange on moor. She thinks it is her garden. She barks but is harmless, everyone laughs at her.
Boo's Story & Details
Boo was bought by my grandaughter for her 6 year old girl. Bad mistake, mother is a single parent and studying at university. She thought a little dog required little walking and could be left alone most of the day. When Boo was 10 month old my grandaughter asked me to train Boo, as she had made no progress. Boo was not even clean in the house. Reason she was fed just before bedtime and hardly walked. I wanted to help but thought Boo would not be accepted by my two free range hunting lurchers (a greyhound mix and a whippet mix). Wrong, they accepted her immediately and she proved to be a good companion. As she thrived walking for hours (two morning, an hour plus in afternoon and half an hour in evening) and still had energy to play all the time in the house, even though the running dogs as usual slept, I knew she was capable of any exercise. She is delightful. She loves to play with any dog, and although she is often bowled over by much larger dogs, she always wants more. She loves to swim and does so every day. We are fortunate to live in the countryside and going out of our back gate we are on open common land in the hills, where she is free to run and play, always off lead. She only requires a lead going into the village or town. She is also an excellent watchdog, like her Lhasa Apso forebears. She also amuses me with her keeness for the TV. Her favourite programmes are "The Dog Whisperer" and any other animal shows, although she barks and occasionally growls at dogs she thinks are trying to get in the room. She will whine with pleasure at pups. Although I am much more used to larger dogs, I would have more like her if I were younger. I recommend this breed wholeheartedly.

Boo's Puppy Pad

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