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Snickerdoodle's Bio

joined 8/21/2009

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Snickerdoodle the Bi-Color Female Pugairn / Stands 8 inches tall / Weighs 20 lbs / Born 1/28/2008 in unknown / Lives with Snickersmomma in Tallahassee, FL (United States)


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Snickers,mama, snicker doo doo,
Came From
sweet good with children and cats has a love for life and water
Favorite Toy
her stuffed beaver
Favorite Hobby
going to the beach
Favorite Food
anything im eating
Favorite Treat
Favorite Trick
sit mama
Favorite Place To Sleep
with me on the bed
Favorite Place To Play
Favorite Place To Walk
"mama did you do this"
Snickerdoodle's Story & Details
Hi my name is Erica and I have an adorable 1 and a half year old Pugarin named snickers(full name Snickerdoodle)She is a wonderful dog that has been through a lot in her short life. I got snickers from a pet shop in Jacksonville Nc over a year ago. She was very tiny and the third most cutest thing I have ever seen! She was so small I use to take her to Walmart inside my hoodie pocket,and I'm a size small. She has always lived a very privileged life with the best food and lots of affection. She has the funniest personality and extremely playful, she makes the funniest noises I have ever hear a dog make. I love my mama(her other name,one of many)and I know she loves me. Last March, my husband and my two sons were on our way down to Fl. to look at a few homes, and we left our dogs with a house sitter. We were 3 hours away from our destination when we received a phone call that devastated me. Our two dogs were hit by a car going at least 40 mph. Our German Shepherd was just fine but Snickers was lying in the middle of the street almost dead. She was rushed via police escort to the emergency animal hospital. 3,000 dollars later, a cat scan, feeding tube inserted into her neck, multiple medications and a stay at the Raleigh NC Veterinary School ICU, she is almost all better. Her left eye has an ulcer in it and she has gained a lot of weight since the accident(she had to eat a high calorie dog food)She is a strong dog and I love her like she was my own daughter since I have none. She is my mama.

Snickerdoodle's Puppy Pad

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