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Chance's Bio

joined 11/29/2009

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Chance the Black & White Male Pooghan / Stands 12 inches tall / Weighs 8 lbs / Born 8/28/2009 in Vanscoy / Lives with snowdust in vanscoy, SK (Canada)


N/A (Spay & Neuter Information)
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Came From
Energetic, Playfull, Sassy
Favorite Toy
Stuffed Cat!
Favorite Hobby
Fetching toys
Favorite Food
Carrots, Cheese
Favorite Treat
Ambrosia, Food of the Gods
Favorite Trick
Favorite Place To Sleep
His Crate
Favorite Place To Play
Favorite Place To Walk
Being brushed, Staying still, Being in Trouble
Chance's Story & Details
Chance was nearly 2 months old when we first got him. He seemed to be very lathargic but we thought it was just his personality, which we adored from the moment we saw him. During a checkup on the following day, we were sadly informed that our new puppy was infected with Parvo, but had a chance at survival. We decided to go through with the treatment, although costly, trusting that it would save his life. After extensive IV's and antibiotics, Chance returned to us after a full recovery, and now the only thing that seems to bother him is being left alone when there are people and tons of things to play with around. Don't worry Chance, you'll get your chance when you grow up a bit more and learn to control your bowels. We have never experienced this dog breed before but decided to take a chance on purchasing a puppy, giving it a prospect of life and further loving him intensively. If anyone is a proud owner of this spectacular but neat breed of dogs, I would love to be emailed and simply converse about the breed itself. Thank you!

Chance's Puppy Pad

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