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Joss's Bio

joined 12/6/2009

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Cardigan Welsh Corgi Mix
Joss the White Black & Tan Female Cardigan Welsh Corgi Mix / Stands 12 inches tall / Weighs 13 lbs / Born 11/20/2008 in Southern Illinois / Lives with graciehowell in Carbondale, IL (United States)


N/A (Spay & Neuter Information)
N/A (Microchipping Information)
Jossie, Duchess Jocelyn Judith of backyard
Came From
happy, fun, goofy, hyper, loves kids
Favorite Toy
dog spider toy
Favorite Hobby
tug of war
Favorite Food
tiny special "T"
Favorite Treat
tiny special "T"
Favorite Trick
lay down
Favorite Place To Sleep
in bed, by the feet of humans
Favorite Place To Play
Favorite Place To Walk
ear pulling, going in to crate
Joss's Story & Details
We found Joss at St.Francis Animal Care. They thought she was a Corgi mix, but we are now pretty certain after a lot research that she is 1/2 Corgi; 1/2 Basenji. Quite a mix! We are calling her a Corsenji.

Joss's Puppy Pad

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