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Maddie's Bio

joined 2/6/2010

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Maddie the Black Female Sheprador / Stands 15 inches tall / Weighs 28 lbs / Born 9/26/2009 in Hart Michigan / Lives with Mystyk in Allendale, MI (United States)


No (Spay & Neuter Information)
No (Microchipping Information)
Came From
Shy, attentive, loves to please, loyal
Favorite Toy
Stuffed animals
Favorite Hobby
Still a pup, have yet to develop this
Favorite Food
Anything we are eating
Favorite Treat
Beggin Strips
Favorite Trick
none yet, but will update
Favorite Place To Sleep
Under my feet!
Favorite Place To Play
on the couch
Favorite Place To Walk
in the yard, still fears going outside the yard
all people and animals
loud noises
Maddie's Story & Details
We found Maddie on Craig's list and when I seen her I was drawn to her picture posted like a magnet, she looked mostly like a black lab, and I was not looking for a black lab. They explained her mix and that her eyes had a mix of light colors, and I just had to have her. The owners were having a hard time finding someone who would work with her because she is very shy, but I was the one chosen since I am home all day and have worked with dogs all my life, I had no idea the special kind of dog I was about to adopt. She is the most wonderful dog I have ever had and I am a grandma, she is laid back, attentive to what you say, and there is not an aggressive bone in her body. Yes she is shy, but she is only 4 months old and I feel in the end she will be totally loyal and secure when she gets older.

Maddie's Puppy Pad

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