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Yoshi's Bio

joined 3/28/2010

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Jack Tzu
Yoshi the Brown & White Male Jack Tzu / Stands 14 inches tall / Weighs 18 lbs / Born 9/1/2008 in Wilson / Lives with Meganboykin in Rocky Mount, NC (United States)


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Came From
Sweet, very very loving and loves being with his mama...but also really loving to his friends and family...he is a little sketchy untill he know you.
Favorite Toy
His Rope or his ball
Favorite Hobby
barking..they say most jack tzu dont really bark mine does and he sounds like a chicken lol
Favorite Food
i don't give it to him all the time but wutever kinda meat we are eating lol
Favorite Treat
Favorite Trick
He still young but he does a lil stand when he begging for somthing so cute
Favorite Place To Sleep
with his mommy
Favorite Place To Play
out side with his brother who is a Choc lab/pit mix
Favorite Place To Walk
on our family farm
his mommy and daddy and all his family members and friends odd around new ppl but is not mean at all..
people he don't know like from a distance he'll bark...or he will bark at kids not agressivly but jsut bark like you little like me wuts up with that
Yoshi's Story & Details
:before i give description of my doggie i would like to put out there that is there is anyone out there who has a Jack Tzu who wants to breed please email me!.... would love for my baby to have babies before i get him fixed he is such a pretty dog...thats why i got on this site to find another owner of a Jack Tzu...:)
My Jack tzu "Yoshi" is by far the best dog i have ever had i wouldn't trade him for a pure breed in a min. He has all the great charetoristics as both the jack russel and the shizu..He looks like a furry jackrussel with a beard and goat tee...typical jack tzo...He's almost 2 years old and have not had many probs with him....It didn't take long to get him potty trained...He understands words like gotta go out....Jack Tzu's are the best!

Yoshi's Puppy Pad

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