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Houdini's Bio

joined 3/30/2010

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Houdini the Tan & White Male Chipoo / Stands 7 inches tall / Weighs 2 lbs / Born 12/21/2009 in Utah / Lives with hous22 in Elko, NV (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
N/A (Microchipping Information)
lil man, houz
Came From
A licker, lovey, playful.
Favorite Toy
This is a toss-up between his monkey and his floppy barbell.
Favorite Hobby
Doing his tricks (see below)
Favorite Food
I'd like to say his puppy food, but he'd probably say the stuff that drops on the floor that we miss.
Favorite Treat
His "little jacs." [He's addicted...] and ice cubes.
Favorite Trick
Oh goodness me. Master escape aritist. Levitation (or so he thinks via a toy and being lifted). Self-Paralyzing. Those are his top 3 he does daily.
Favorite Place To Sleep
When we're up, in our laps. When we aren't, in his kennel.
Favorite Place To Play
Favorite Place To Walk
"Walk" is not in his vocabulary. He's a puppy for gosh sakes. haha.
LOVES people.
People ignoring him.
Houdini's Story & Details
My husband grew up without animals, so when I really started pressing for a puppy it was a challenge. I wanted something small and that doesn't shed a lot because that was his biggest argument. I was trying to stay away from breeders, but living in such a small town I was not having much luck. One day while searching I came across a picture of our pup and his brothers. It was instant love (for me.. not my husband)!! The only problem was the rescue house was in Salem, UT (about a 4 hour drive, just south of SLC). My girl friend and I decided to make a weekend trip out of it. She brought her handsome dog, River, to welcome him. He's a Mastador and super caring, so I think he was a little nervous about how tiny the new guy was. He was such a great teacher in those couple of days, as our puppy is doing great with the potty training!! We got him at 9.5 weeks old, and he was nameless until last week so we just used lil man. We were not going to rush naming him, though people were pressing for something. It was during dad and pup playtime Houdini came into our minds and stuck [at 13.5 weeks]. Needless to say.. my husband fell in love rather quickly, and questioned his logic behind NOT wanting a dog. WOOHOO!!.. 1 more person changed from being anti-dogs.

Houdini's Puppy Pad

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