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MILO's Bio

joined 8/23/2008

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MILO the Fawn Male Pug-Zu / Stands 21 inches tall / Weighs 27 lbs / Born 12/3/2006 in Shelbina, MO / Lives with milo2008 in Quincy, IL (United States)


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Came From
Very hyper, loves attention, sweet tempered, loves to play with other dogs. He likes bein the center of everyones attention
Favorite Toy
A white ball with red bones on it, that is the only toy that lasted through his chewing stage and he loves to play with it.
Favorite Hobby
playing fetch with his white ball
Favorite Food
He would eat anything if I let him, but he eats Purina Dog Chow.
Favorite Treat
He loves bones. Thats what he gets when he goes potty.
Favorite Trick
He plays hide n seek with my daughter, it is so funny.
Favorite Place To Sleep
He sleeps in a cage at night, he still likes to get into stuff so I have to keep him in there at night.
Favorite Place To Play
Favorite Place To Walk
Well right now I'm treating him for an ear infection and he hates getting his eardrops in. He doesn't care for the mailman too much or garbage trucks.
MILO's Story & Details
I just love my dog!! He is my little buddy! He has become just as important to me as my child is. I have has him since he was 8 weeks old and he is part of our family now. And he fits in just fine LOL.

MILO's Puppy Pad

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