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Moab's Bio

joined 5/19/2010

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Redbone Retriever
Moab the Red Male Redbone Retriever / Stands 26 inches tall / Weighs 54 lbs / Born 3/28/2010 in Burt, MI / Lives with Moab in Howell, MI (United States)


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Came From
Playful, inquisitive, loving, hilarious
Favorite Toy
"Fluffy", "Squeekie", and "Pony"
Favorite Hobby
Trying to get "his" cat Avalanche to play with him
Favorite Food
Favorite Treat
Cheese -its
Favorite Trick
"Sit", "Shake", and "Down"
Favorite Place To Sleep
Wherever the people are
Favorite Place To Play
Wherever the people are
Favorite Place To Walk
Down the hill, and wherever the people are
Cheese-its, people, people who feed him Cheese-its
Growling kitties
Moab's Story & Details
Moab is one of 11 puppies that resulted from his working Redbone Coonhound Momma being let out to play by mistake with a Lab/Golden Retriever male "puppy". The litter was remarkably uniform-- all of the puppies were a shade of red, all similarly marked, similar size, and the same coat and proportions. We were lucky to get Mo-- these beautiful "whoopsies" were going fast. He will be a farm and family dog who has plenty of opportunities to develop both his coon-tracking and his retrieving heritage.

Moab's Puppy Pad

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