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Apollo's Bio

joined 7/31/2010

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Apollo the White Male Papimo / Stands 30 inches tall / Weighs 18 lbs / Born 5/16/2009 in glendale, cincinnati / Lives with Tatayashi in MIddletown, OH (United States)


No (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
Puppy bear
Came From
outgoing, and loveable. LOVES TO CUDDLE! He hates baths! really smart.
Favorite Toy
anything squeaky
Favorite Hobby
chewing up my shoes, or underwear when i am alseep.
Favorite Food
human food. or cat food
Favorite Treat
anything that has bacon flavor, or ice cubes.
Favorite Trick
lie down
Favorite Place To Sleep
next to me o in any cubby hole.
Favorite Place To Play
at the park or inside the apartment
Favorite Place To Walk
anywhere where their are squirrles to chase.
Me, and playing with his jesture squeaky toy. @_@ going on car rides!
my husband (sometimes) bathing, and being brushed.
Apollo's Story & Details
i found him on criagslist and skipped his ad like 45 times trying to find a diffrent breed or a diffrent dog. And All of them were no longer available. thenmy mind went back to this beautiful puppy that was being held up by his two front paws. And his face look as if to say help me. So 2 hours later we had meet his old owner Sue Duncan ( i learned her name from her e-mail) Had meet me at the colrien animal clinic. And My dad had locked the doors and i hadn't realized it. When i seen my puppy, I tried to open the door and run to my dog. But I rammed my face into the door. and it hurt. I unlocked the door, got the dog before I got all of his supplies. (he came with 50 puppy pads, 4 toys, and two small baggies of dog food. He came with a blue leash and collar. I had him off his leash and following me instantly. She aslo advised me that Apollo wouldn't listen to her. I just shrugged. i wanted a challenge. She aslo said he would refuse to used his puppy pads. Well that all changed when i got him. Instantly i asked him to sit, he sat. I asked him to lie down, he did. I asked him to stay. at first he didn't understnad. But it took me about 4 minutes and he learned it. all together it took me 10 minutes for him to listen to my commands all together. When i went to get his food, I put him back on his leash ( because I was on my way to a party when we went to get him. I was playing with him at the party.) then i ran to go get his food. He was tugging and whineing for me while on his leash. my heart was in tears when I heard him whimpeing for me. He didn't want anybody else but me. When I got him home, my husband took his blet off and this small dog ran behind my couch. it took me 3 hours to get him to come out. i realized he was abused and beaten petty bad. Apoolo is racist. Since he had been beaten by black me he would bak and growl at them. And he would bare his teeth to fat or chubby white people. then when black kids came aound i had to hold him or he would charge towards them aggressively. i am slowly getting him out of it. But eve since that day to now me and Apollo had been unsepretable since. I celebrate his birthday and buy him clothing and everything. I love my dog SO much.

Apollo's Puppy Pad

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