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Capi's Bio

joined 8/3/2010

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Capi the Black & White Male Schnau-Tzu / Stands 9 inches tall / Weighs 10 lbs / Born 3/8/2010 in Toa Baja, PR / Lives with capicu in SJ (Puerto Rico)


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Capi, Capi Emmanuel No The Destroyer, Perro Loco Mad Joe
Came From
Playful, Active, Loving, Cheerful, Intelligent, Strong, Sometimes have attitude
Favorite Toy
Any toy he can play Tug with!!! :) Oh! and Dingos!
Favorite Hobby
Explore around the house, and HIDE!! hahaha
Favorite Food
Anything we feed him...
Favorite Treat
Bacon Treats
Favorite Trick
Stand in two legs for a treat! haha
Favorite Place To Sleep
On the floor with his face on his bed
Favorite Place To Play
Favorite Place To Walk
To get attention
To be ignored oh, and he dislikes when we sleep while he's awake!! Starts barking like "HEY GET UP!!"
Capi's Story & Details
This is a very special Dog...Ever since he's been with us he had bring joy to our home!! :) He loves to play hide and seek with us, and tug, and fetch... He've learned quickly some comands as sit, stay, and down.

He's very loving, love playing around, specially with kids!!!

He also have an attitude towards bigger dogs... yeap...he thinks he's all that!! then when the big dog responds he runs and hide behind us...SO BRAVE!!! hahahahaha

One sentences! We love this crazy dog!!

Capi's Puppy Pad

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