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Wookie's Bio

joined 9/7/2010

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Wookie the Gray Male Doxiepoo / Stands 13 inches tall / Weighs 12 lbs / Born 10/7/2009 in Oklahoma somewhere / Lives with Wookiesmom in McLoud, OK (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
No (Microchipping Information)
Wooks, Wookster, Wookipoo
Came From
Super playful, always ready for a tug game, a drive or a walk, he loves to play and dig in the yard. He's a little man.
Favorite Toy
A sheepskin sheep with tug legs that he's managed to get all of the stuffing out of.
Favorite Hobby
He likes to get on the couch and hide under the pillows.
Favorite Food
He's never eaten people food as far as we know, but he does love his Science Diet for Puppies.
Favorite Treat
Little treats we buy at Petsmart that look like tiny pork chops
Favorite Trick
He hasn't done anything really. He's fun to watch though.
Favorite Place To Sleep
On the couch on top of a pillow.
Favorite Place To Play
In the back yard or at the lake
Favorite Place To Walk
Anywhere as long as it's outside somewhere. He's always ready
His sister Cozette, roughhousing, standing on my laptop when I'm trying to type, baths, brushing and especially teeth brushing. He loves it!!
The blow dryer, having to stay in the house when Daddy is outside.
Wookie's Story & Details
We adopted Wooks when he was 7 months old. He was a small ball of matted fur. I slowly combed out the mats which is when we discovered he likes to be brushed, bathed and pampered. He was black, but grey underneath and after he was groomed he was all grey except for his long tail and his long ears. He looks like a poodle mostly, but he has a dacshund nose and body shape. He's so laid back and easy going...even with small children, but he does play rough. He seemed so lonely though since it was just my husband, me and him. Sometimes he would carry his toys through the house and whine. I couldn't stand it anymore and we looked again at the shelters and found his sister Cozette'. They play almost constantly and it's fun to see them run circles through the house.

Wookie's Puppy Pad

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