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Angel Haniel's Bio

joined 11/6/2010

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Angel Haniel
Angel Haniel the Brown & White Female Doxiepoo / Stands 14 inches tall / Weighs 24 lbs / Born 2/12/2008 in Antipolo / Lives with ainahaniel in Antipolo City (Philippines)


N/A (Spay & Neuter Information)
N/A (Microchipping Information)
Came From
Playful, brave, quite bossy, cheerful, loyal.
Favorite Toy
Stuffy toy
Favorite Hobby
Bite my pants!
Favorite Food
Human food or Pedigree with Milk
Favorite Treat
Meaty Stix by Goodies and Biscuits with Benefits by Dogswell
Favorite Trick
none yet
Favorite Place To Sleep
Favorite Place To Play
Mini Basketball court, at our backyard.
Favorite Place To Walk
Near our house
playing and biting my pants.
too tight holding her face, specially her mouth.
Angel Haniel's Story & Details
My mom is Charmaine Marasigan. :D

My cousin gave her to me Feb, near valentines day. I, Efren and Mayne were doing our MAPEH project that time, then suddenly our maid called me. I was surprised when my coz came, carrying a cute lil puppy, and so, I named her Angel, coz' she's a cute lil angel! I was supposed to take a picture of her that time, yet my sis told me not too, coz she's still young (pano, may kasabihan daw kasing bawal kunan ng litrato ang tuta, magkakasakit at manghihina daw.). Latest pic would be this year 2010. So that's it. Have a great day!
-Aina, Charmaine Marasigan...

Dachshund + Poodle = Doxiepoo (Doodle)

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Angel Haniel's Puppy Pad

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