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zeus's Bio

joined 11/9/2010

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zeus the Silver Gold & White Male Boweimar / Stands 16 inches tall / Weighs 60 lbs / Born 4/20/2010 in / Lives with amemon2008 in lincoln, RI (United States)


No (Spay & Neuter Information)
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Came From
he can be shy around new people, very protective of his human parents, serious seperation anxiety, loyal, unconditional love
Favorite Toy
giant cow femur
Favorite Hobby
look out the window at birds
Favorite Food
raw chicken
Favorite Treat
puppy ice cream
Favorite Trick
"say hi" (paw) and dance ( up on hind legs and shakes)
Favorite Place To Sleep
in bed with his human parents
Favorite Place To Play
Favorite Place To Walk
other dogs,
zeus's Story & Details
zeus is the greatest dog, he is gorgeous, compliments on him are nonstop. he is the sweetest dog who has changed my life.

the looks he gives you are so loving, and when you come back home, or are even away for a few minutes, the moment he sees us, his tail turns into a whip and he wiggles his bottom he is so happy. its the greatest feeling in the world :)

he learns tricks to fast, he learned paw in under a minute, and turn right and left in the matter of seconds, extremely intelligent dogs.

zeus's Puppy Pad

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