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Tootsie's Bio

joined 12/28/2010

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Tootsie the Cream Female Doxiepoo / Stands 12 inches tall / Weighs 15 lbs / Born 12/21/2008 in CA / Lives with htruitt4 in Santa Ana, CA (United States)


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Tootsiepop, Tootsiepoo
Came From
Sweet, gentle, loving, smart, eager to please.
Favorite Toy
Favorite Hobby
Favorite Food
Anything eatable.
Favorite Treat
Milk Bones.
Favorite Trick
None yet.
Favorite Place To Sleep
My bed.
Favorite Place To Play
Living room.
Favorite Place To Walk
Around the block.
Other dogs growling at her.
Tootsie's Story & Details
She showed up at my back door in the middle of the night on the miserable and wet 21st of December, 2010. We believe she's about 3 because of her good teeth and health as well as energy level. That whole week had been pouring rain. My mom has to be at work by 6AM and when she opened the door to leave she saw something scurry by. The dog wouldn't let her catch it and my mom was worried about being late to work so she left. I was inside sleeping in and was lucky to wake up at 7:30 when my mom called and told me about the soaked little mess outside. I got up immediately and went to check if she was still there. I opened the door and looked around but was disappointed when I didn't see her, then I looked down and there at the bottom of the steps, Tootsie was laying just looking at me. I could tell that she was skinny, her coat was so matted that I had to give her 3 bathes and it took 2 hours of cutting to get a full bag of only about half of the heavy, smelly, soaked dreads off of her. I slowly went down the steps and the dog didn't move so I tried petting her and still, everything seemed fine. I bent down and began to pick her up and was relieved when she didn't even attempt to move. I took her through the house and opened the front door to set her on the porch. After a few more bathes and getting her professionally groomed, she no longer has fleas or smells like an old dirty dish rag, and is almost as white as snow. I have two other dogs, a schnauzer mix and a chihuahua mix, who are slowly but surely accepting her as part of the family. I fell in love with her almost immediately and can hardly believe what an awesome dog she is. The sad condition she came in makes it easy to see that she had probably never been groomed in any way or ever allowed to sleep inside. It makes me sick how people can treat animals so horribly, especially ones as sweet as my little Tootsiepop.

Tootsie's Puppy Pad

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