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Cricket Jr's Bio

joined 1/8/2011

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Cricket Jr
Cricket Jr the White Female Mal-Shi / Stands 10 inches tall / Weighs 9 lbs / Born 5/7/2008 in Georgia / Lives with AshleyCollins83 in Ellabell, GA (United States)


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CJ, Today
Came From
Quite, friendly, cuddler and a good mom
Favorite Toy
Favorite Hobby
playing outside with the other dogs
Favorite Food
Favorite Treat
Favorite Trick
Favorite Place To Sleep
on daddys lap
Favorite Place To Play
outside with my friends
Favorite Place To Walk
down the street
Cricket Jr's Story & Details
My husband had a dog much like CJ who at 15 years old finally died of old age. My mother found CJ at a breeders and she looked just like his old dog and couldn't pass it up and brought her home. Much like the Cricket that came before her she is a family dog. My husband, me, my mom, my sisters, my mother in law.. she belongs to everyone. On November 24th CJ had her first litter of puppys! 7 of them. The father is a full blooded Shih Tzu.

Cricket Jr's Puppy Pad

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