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Roxy's Bio

joined 1/17/2011

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Roxy the Brindle & White Female Bo-Chi / Stands 16 inches tall / Weighs 17 lbs / Born 12/1/2005 in / Lives with ROXY826 in Long Beach, MS (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
No (Microchipping Information)
Came From
Cuddle Bug, So Smart, Very Energetic, Loves To Play, Love Bug, Such a good dog =]
Favorite Toy
A stuffed duck with a squeeker in it. Which is so crazy cuz she tears up anything stuffed, but not this! Her grandma got it for her for Christmas.
Favorite Hobby
Playing fetch, expecially at the beach.
Favorite Food
Her dog is Kibbles N Bits. She likes the mini bites kind the best. But not gonna lie we do give her people food. She Lovvves Tuna!
Favorite Treat
She loves all treats are you kidding me!Shes not to fond of the milkbones,but I would say her favorite would have to be the PorterHouse Flavored TBonz
Favorite Trick
If you have a treat in hand she'll do whatever trick you tell her to do. She loves to roll over,give high fives and kisses :)
Favorite Place To Sleep
On anything soft, but I would have to say my bed =]
Favorite Place To Play
the beach for sure
Favorite Place To Walk
Any and Everywhere, we have a cute little pond with a fountain my husband and I take her for walks around.
Her duck, My bed, The beach, Walks, Laying in the warm grass, Fetch, Running through the ocean, car rids, People, But most of all Mommy & Daddy =]
Thunder, Anything Mint, We we leave and dont take her with..which is hardly ever. She loves card rides.
Roxy's Story & Details
My husband got home from deployment, and stayed with a couple until we got married and moved down, which was only a month in a half later. And while the guys were on deployment, the wife of who he stayed with got Roxy at the Humane Society. And when her husband got home he didnt really want another dog, and they wer egoing to take it to back to the Humane Society. My husband was telling me about this over the phone, and I was saying "dont even think about keeping this dog, no way." Well he sent me a picture of her, and oh my goodness! I was hooked, I litterally fell in love, definetly love at first site for sure. I then talked to the girl and said "NO dont take her back we'll take her!" And after we got married and moved down we went and picked her up at their house and she was ours! She is my world for sure. This is my first time moving away from home, and having no family around whats so ever. So she definetly has helped me through that and also my recent misscariage. Roxy is my everything, I would do anything for her =]

Roxy's Puppy Pad

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