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Dexter's Bio

joined 5/9/2011

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Dexter the Black & White Male Schnese / Stands 12 inches tall / Weighs 12 lbs / Born 2/12/2010 in Red Deer, Alberta / Lives with brandy_leibel in Halifax, NS (Canada)


No (Spay & Neuter Information)
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Came From
He is very sociable and loves to be chased. He sometimes steals other dog's toys just to get them to chase him. He has so entertaining!
Favorite Toy
A toss up between a ball, a squeak-toy and an old bone squeak-toy...sometimes he takes all three in his mouth and has a hard time choosing.
Favorite Hobby
Searching for bugs that hide under rocks and in my flower garden :s
Favorite Food
Frozen berries
Favorite Treat
Milk Bones
Favorite Trick
Catching a ball mid-air
Favorite Place To Sleep
Next to me :)
Favorite Place To Play
The park down the street
Favorite Place To Walk
He LOVES an old stream bed is his favorite
Raw Hide Bones, things that squeek, things that hide, chasing, hiking and digging
Dogs that are fast enough to catch him, mean ladies who judge him for being unaltered
Dexter's Story & Details
After finally choosing a breed, my bf and I decided on getting a puppy. We wanted either a Schnauzer, Havanese or a Cocker Spaniel or a cross of one of these breeds. Many months passed when I came across an ad on Kijiji for a Schauzer/Havanese mix. What a wonderful surprise! I had no idea these breeds were available. He was being sold for half the price because he was over two months old. Turns out he was poorly socialised with humans, very very dirty and had stomach viruses. It took me four months to get his health up to par.
Now Dexter plays at the park with other dogs and is at ease if there are people standing near him. He even lets strangers pet him! I know he will only improve with more socialisation. In the meantime, he is the centre of attention not only at the park, but in my life as well.

Dexter's Puppy Pad

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