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Lucy Belle's Bio

joined 6/14/2011

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Lucy Belle
Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix
Lucy Belle the Red Female Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix / Stands Over 35 inches tall / Weighs 41 lbs / Born 2/25/2009 in Unknown / Lives with WhitneyZu19 in Berea, OH (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
Rucy, Rooster, Lucarus
Came From
Excited, full of energy, friendly, smiley!
Favorite Toy
Anything that her brother Charlie has, balls, frisbees, ropes
Favorite Hobby
Running and roller blading with mom and dad, wrestling with Charlie, sleeping
Favorite Food
Iams Minichunks and Baby Carrots, but she'll eat anything
Favorite Treat
Baby Carrots, Snaps, Milkbones
Favorite Trick
Shake or high five
Favorite Place To Sleep
Anywhere! On our bed, on her bed, on the floor, on the couch, in the car...
Favorite Place To Play
In the house with Charlie, in the backyard or at the dog park
Favorite Place To Walk
Around our neighborhood
People, dogs, Charlie, wrestling, to bark, jumping, running, sticking her head out the window in the car
Being alone, getting her nails clipped (it's impossible), anyone leaving the house
Lucy Belle's Story & Details
We adopted Lucy Belle to give our other puppy, Charlie, a playmate. We saw her at the animal shelter and immediately put in an application. We were able to foster her for a weekend to see how she and Charlie would get along and things worked out great! She was only at the shelter for 3 days and had several people put in apps for her--we are lucky to have her! She's a quick learner, and is a loyal and loving pet.

Lucy Belle's Puppy Pad

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