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Rocky's Bio

joined 7/5/2011

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Rocky the Black Tan & White Male Chorkie / Stands Under 5 inches tall / Weighs 10 lbs / Born 9/1/2009 in Memphis, TN / Lives with yoflomarie1 in Memphis, TN (United States)


No (Spay & Neuter Information)
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Rock, Rocka-Boy, Rocka-Baby, Mama's Rock, Rockafella, Little Rock...I could go on and on...
Came From
Happy, Loyal, Playful, Observant
Favorite Toy
Favorite Hobby
Playing, playing, playing
Favorite Food
Iams Dog Food, Green Bag
Favorite Treat
Milk Bone dog biscuits
Favorite Trick
Jumping on his hind legs
Favorite Place To Sleep
Behind my head on my pillow
Favorite Place To Play
My bed
Favorite Place To Walk
Out on the deck, in the backyard
His mama!!
Strangers who come into our house and anyone or any dog who tries to kiss me!
Rocky's Story & Details
Rocky is the result of an "uh-O" when our 4 lb Yorkie, Big Boy got together with our 3 lb chihuahua, Molly. Molly is usually sent to my daughters all female dog house whenever she comes into season. She just came home "too soon" LOL. But, I'm so glad we have Rocky...he is exactly as ya'll have described "to the tee".

Rocky's Puppy Pad

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