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Precious's Bio

joined 7/11/2011

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Precious the Black Female Paperanian / Stands 12 inches tall / Weighs 20 lbs / Born 5/1/2002 in Rochester, NY / Lives with xcellantw in Rochester, NY (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
Came From
friendly to master, cautious, is a rescue dog so is not friendly to others
Favorite Toy
Favorite Hobby
Favorite Food
Favorite Treat
meat filled rawhide
Favorite Trick
washing face like a cat when she is trying to be cute
Favorite Place To Sleep
on mom's bed
Favorite Place To Play
on the bed
Favorite Place To Walk
around the complex
to be loved by anyone, have tummy and ears scratched, go for walks
to have someone pay attention to anyone else but her, to be left alone with out mommy
Precious's Story & Details
We had lost our beagle a few years earlier and I missed the distraction and happiness that a dog can bring to a home. I spoke with my husband about getting a new dog. I was sort of looking.
One morning my daughter told me about a dog that was to be put down that evening because the family didn't want her anymore. Apparently the family had other animals and the wife was ill. She could not take care of two dogs, a cat, and the children. No one wanted Precious, so she was to be put down at Lollie Pop Farm.
I called my daughter and said that I would like to see the dog. The father and son brought over Precious. I asked a little about her. Apparently the children were seldom allowed to play with her, and she was kept tied to a table leg in the kitchen. When I heard that, I decided I had to save her.
The owner gave her to us. She was very frightened when I took her. I examined her and found a large scared area on the top of her head. No hair grows from that area.
When I took her to the vet., the vet. said that it looked like Precious had been burned. The vet. also said that she appeared to be two and one-half years old. That was seven years ago.
Precious is a very anxious little girl. She barks frequently at the slightest noise. I have spoken to the vet. about her behavior and was told that due to the abuse, she would probably have to be seen by a behaviorist in order to have her temperament corrected. Needless to say, the expense is beyond our means. Precious is now adjusting to a move from our large home to a small town house complex. She is still very possessive of her master, and unaccepting of anyone who comes near mommy.

Precious's Puppy Pad

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