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Axl's Bio

joined 11/9/2011

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Axl the Chestnut Male Cockerbull / Stands 11 inches tall / Weighs 39 lbs / Born 6/1/2007 in Victoria, Australia / Lives with kirsten85xox in melbourne, WA (Australia)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
Came From
happy, friendly, sooky, energetic, excitable, playful, cuddly
Favorite Toy
tennis balls & frisby
Favorite Hobby
playing fetch, the beach & lots of cuddles
Favorite Food
dentastix, bisquits & cheese (but will eat anything!!)
Favorite Treat
Favorite Trick
waiting for the ok to take his treat, sitting & staying
Favorite Place To Sleep
the couch, the spare bed & outside in the sun
Favorite Place To Play
the beach
Favorite Place To Walk
the beach, botanic gardens & rspca million paw walk at albert park lake
drinking hot bath water, playing with tess, playing fetch, giving kisses, walks (but not his harness), waking us all up early in the morning!
his harness, ear drops, cuddles & kisses when he's grumpy, sharing our attention with tess
Axl's Story & Details
axl is a cocker spaniel cross mini bulldog. we were unsure of what he'd grow up to look like when he got older & he's grown in to the cutest thing ever. he's the happiest, friendliest little munchkin in the world. he came about when a breeder of cocker spaniels & mini bulldogs accidentally had a spaniel get to a bulldog! but they've made such a beautiful little guy who we adore!! he gets lots of compliments when out walking or playing at the beach or lake. people think he's still a puppy as he's so soft & shiny & has the playful personality of a pup. he's a little silly like a pup too & requires lots of attention, although he's generally very well behaved & fantastic with children & other pets! he has a very gentle & loving nature.

Axl's Puppy Pad

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