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Buster's Bio

joined 11/9/2011

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Pit Heeler
Buster the White & Apricot Male Pit Heeler / Stands 17 inches tall / Weighs 45 lbs / Born 4/10/2011 in califonia / Lives with Hollia in Union city, CA (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
Uggie boggie
Came From
energenic, happy, cuddler forsure!!!!
Favorite Toy
Laser light
Favorite Hobby
chewing on his chewing which sometime could be his buddy kinks the cat
Favorite Food
I know its bad but he like potato chips,.... but he watches his weight :)..
Favorite Treat
Favorite Trick
Favorite Place To Sleep
In between me and my boyfriend
Favorite Place To Play
soccor feild
Favorite Place To Walk
any where
running around with our other dogs austrialian collie mix, begal and mix dog tht we call tiny
Tiny his a food hog!
Buster's Story & Details
Buster is 7 months old and hes is an Red nose pit/ Australian cattle which I adopted at a shelter.I got him this June and ever since then he has been my side kick!! I love taking him everywhere I go and he loves it to... but my boyfriend not so much..only because we cant do anything unless we drive back to the house and drop him off. His eyes are the sweetest and my favorite feature they are a honey color which matches his coat so well. Hes pretty much sexy and his ears are adorable and indecisive they don't always match ones up and the other down or vis verse. Id have to say his a fast learner. He learned sit, lay down and paw with in 15mins in the same day. Just kept it constant. I love my dog and his my Australian cuddle dog.... yes Cuddle dog!!:) always gota sleep with ya and give kisses!!

Buster's Puppy Pad

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