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Emmy DeRo's Bio

joined 11/18/2011

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Emmy DeRo
Emmy DeRo the Fawn Brindle & White Female Puggat / Stands 14 inches tall / Weighs 10 lbs / Born 1/4/2011 in Dallas / Lives with emmyf2011 in Irving, TX (United States)


No (Spay & Neuter Information)
No (Microchipping Information)
EmEm or EmmyM
Came From
Very Loving, Playful and Very protective
Favorite Toy
Stuffed Easter Bunny (franken bunny now), but has many
Favorite Hobby
running around the pool table
Favorite Food
what ever daddy is eating (and knows she wont get it)
Favorite Treat
Favorite Trick
trying to trade her toys for daddy's food
Favorite Place To Sleep
next to momma (me)
Favorite Place To Play
in the pool room
Favorite Place To Walk
anywhere with momma or daddy
being beside momma or daddy and playing with her toys
when she gets in trouble
Emmy DeRo's Story & Details
We were not even going to get a puppy, but one evening while we were in a small bar that we go to a friend of mine and his niece came in and she had emmy (had called her killer) and her uncle told me that she was getting rid of it to the highest bidder. I was not for that since I didnt think she would have been taken care of properly by a lot of the folks there. I held on to her for most of the night and fell in love with her cute little face and playfulness and decided that she was going home with us that night. I told the young girl that I was going to give her $60 for the puppy and the subject about getting rid of her was closed. 8 months later that was the best investment that we could have ever done. She has brighten our lives up and keeps my husband busy and active as well (he is medically retired). She is more like our baby and the love of our lives.

Emmy DeRo's Puppy Pad

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