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Bella 's Bio

joined 12/17/2011

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Bella the White, Chocolate & Tan Female Morkie / Stands Under 5 inches tall / Weighs Under 2 lbs / Born 9/14/2011 in West Plains, MO / Lives with BellaBonBon in Anywhereville, MO (United States)


No (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
Bella-boo, BellaBonBon, Bella-baby. I always use her name in her nicknames so she knows when I am talking to her.
Came From
Joyful, curious, funloving, gentle, playful
Favorite Toy
Mr. Piggy (a squeaky toy from PetCo)
Favorite Hobby
Chewing on Mr. Piggy's tail.
Favorite Food
Orijen puppy food
Favorite Treat
Neutro Natural Choice Crunch Treats; blueberry.
Favorite Trick
Bella-ballerina (she stands on her hind legs and dances for treat)
Favorite Place To Sleep
on my chest =)
Favorite Place To Play
Anywhere and everywhere
Favorite Place To Walk
She's under 2 lbs and it's a cold USA state; she does not go outdoors. She gets her exercise in the livingroom.
playing, chasing me around the house, napping on my chest
being told she can't go under the couch, lol
Bella 's Story & Details
Bella is a gorgeous Morkie AKA: Yorktese. Her breeders are phenomenal people with wonderful breeding grounds, and love their furkids to the maximum. I knew when I got Bella that she would be a wonderful puppy. They had her piddle-pad training and she's 100% trained on those or a potty patch. She also knew how to fetch when we got her. Her breeders played with her, and loved on her before we got her, that much is obvious. I love her to pieces.

Bella 's Puppy Pad

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