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Rocky's Bio

joined 1/10/2012

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Rocky the Black & Tan Male Chorkie / Stands 13 inches tall / Weighs 13 lbs / Born 9/20/2004 in Anchorage, AK / Lives with Xninasaurusrex in Elmendorf AFB, AK (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
Rock-Rock, Boo
Came From
Definitely has small dog complex :) loves to play and roughouse, but is a total cuddler with me, and gives me kisses all the time. Very lovable!
Favorite Toy
Anything he can get his mouth around, meaning pencils, highlighters, stuffed animals and LOVES when things squeak.
Favorite Hobby
Following me around EVERYWHERE, even into the bathroom when I'm taking a shower!
Favorite Food
We feed him special senior dog food, but he loves people food and he'll eat anything I eat, even sips on my kool-aid!
Favorite Treat
He loves any treats, but ones that taste like people food are instant favs of his.
Favorite Trick
Haha he was old when I got him, so he doesn't really know any tricks. But he knows "Shake It Off!" to get the snow and water off of him!
Favorite Place To Sleep
Right next to me, usually cuddles into my arms.
Favorite Place To Play
Loves being in the park and making me chase him.
Favorite Place To Walk
All around the Air Force Base!
Food, laying with mama (and I'm a lucky mama for that), walks, playing with our Pit Bull Spot, stealing my blankets, barking at other dogs, slides
Being ignored, not being the center of attention, having his paws touched
Rocky's Story & Details
Oh the story of me and Rocky is a cutie, so be ready for an "aw" afterwards! I moved to Alaska to be with my husband, who's in the Air Force. The first thing I did was say "I want a dog." since I've always loved animals, but my Dad HATES (after meeting Rocky, he has a small like of them) dogs. Brandon, the hubby, said no initially and so I settled for adopting a bunny at the animal control center. But after a week of pushing, finally Brandon said "Okay, let's go get your dog". So we went there, having such high expectations, but after checking out every dog none of them seem to be a fit for us. So we took out Rocky, his name was Max then, and the lady warned us he came from four abusive homes and had his nose broken and teeth kicked out, and was very full of social anxiety. We took him in the play room, and he exhibited every sign of just not wanting to be around people. I felt so bad, but really didn't want to be sucked into a dog just because of pity, so we put him back. I didn't find any other dogs in the animal control center I was interested in, so I was just taking one more look around, and I peer into Rocky's cage and he say me and greeted me with an instant smile, and I was sold. After asking us what we wanted his name to be, I had no idea but Brandon was fooling around with Rocket, Rocko, Rock...anything...and all of a sudden we looked at each other and "ROCKY!" exploded out of both our mouths. After all the fights he's been through to get here, it seemed perfect, and he sure lives up to his name. After a week at home, his personality changed. He's the love of my life (sh, don't tell Brandon!) and is my very best friend. He's always there when I'm sad to just cuddle, or play fight with me when I'm excited. He's the absolute perfect dog, and I couldn't ask for any better friend. He follows me everywhere, he's my shadow. And if you know the song "Me and My Arrow" by Gary Nielson, that's our song, and I sing it to him everyday. He is the best thing that I've ever had in my life. And I'm sure glad I gave him that second look over!!! :)

Rocky's Puppy Pad

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