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Chester's Bio

joined 12/22/2008

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Chester the Red & Apricot Male Labloodhound / Stands 26 inches tall / Weighs 47 lbs / Born 12/9/1999 in Galesburg Illinois / Lives with twohassles43 in Galesburg , IL (United States)


N/A (Spay & Neuter Information)
N/A (Microchipping Information)
Chester Boy, or Hound Dog
Came From
Mellow, Laid Back, Relaxed, Lazy
Favorite Toy
Plastic Weiner
Favorite Hobby
Sniffing, Snorting, Pointing at Birds
Favorite Food
Favorite Treat
Frosty Paws, Rawhide Knotted Bones
Favorite Trick
Looks pretty, Speaks softly
Favorite Place To Sleep
His own Twin Bed
Favorite Place To Play
Favorite Place To Walk
Cold weather
Chester's Story & Details
Chester is one of the most laid back, mellow dogs i have ever had. He had a pretty rough beginning in life. The first few yrs of his life were behind bars at the dog pound. He was on death row, about to put down. My then 8 year old step son wanted to adopt Chester because he looked the saddest. At the time i was not in my step sons life. My now husband didn't have alot of time for Chester so Chester spent his days and nights being chained to a dog house. His only attention was his once a day feeding and few pets when he was fed. Then i came into his life. We lived in the country so i went out to Chesters dog house and released him from that leash. Was he ever a happy dog to be able to finally run free over acres that we lived on at the time. The rest is history. Chester was never again on a chain at a dog house. We ended up moving into town and we wondered if Chester could adjust to city living. He was only beginning to be let in the house occasionally, and we didnt know if he could ever be a house dog, as he was never socialized and sometimes aggressive with anyone who came near him. I have FOREVER FOUND a best friend in Chester. Chester made a 100 degree change, and went from aggressive (not to intelligent dog) too the most loving, good natured pet i could ever ask for. There is never anywhere i go, that my buddy Chester is not by my side. Everyday he brings my husband and i JOY! We laugh out loud daily and some of the things Chester does. He is no longer a dog, but instead of family member. He never sleeps outside now. As a matter of fact he has a HUMAN TWIN BED that is resting place. He has learned so many things and it sometimes still saddens me that the first few yrs of his life were not as fulfilled as they are now. He even asks us for his favorite treat nightly which is a called a "Frosty Paw". Its the same thing as a humans paper cup of ice cream treat. Chester is so grateful to his wonder life, that he never ever does anything wrong. He tries so hard to always be a good boy. People say you cant teach a old dog new tricks, but not so with my Chester. Just recently at 10 years old, i taught him to speak to me, when he wants his frosty paw, or his rawhide. Until now, CHESTER WOULD NEVER EVER BARK OR SPEAK IN THE HOUSE. When he does ask for his treats, he makes sure he speaks in a totally different tone inside the house then he does outside when i stranger walks by the house. He speaks as if he is trying to keep his bark at a mellow, calm "may i please have my treat". His favorite treat of all, is too be pet on that big head of his. He will stand for hours to be petted and scratched behind the ears, while the whole time his tail goes THUMP, THUMP, THUMP! I have had many dogs in my life, all whom i loved as a family member, but no dog i ever had brought me the joy, love and loyalty as our Chester Boy. He now has all he deserves, TONS OF LOVE, A WARM BED, AND ALL THE PETTING HE WANTS.

Chester's Puppy Pad

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