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Vito's Bio

joined 7/19/2012

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Vito the Black Male Goldenapso / Stands 24 inches tall / Weighs 39 lbs / Born 11/10/1995 in Rifle, CO / Lives with gailgolf in La Quinta, CA (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
No (Microchipping Information)
VeeVee, Beazer
Came From
Sweet, Quiet, Friendly,Shadow me, Attentive, Smart
Favorite Toy
teddy bear dollies
Favorite Hobby
swimming, chasing bunnies and squrriles
Favorite Food
Favorite Treat
jerky treats/salmon treats/
Favorite Trick
speaking for anything
Favorite Place To Sleep
back to walls or sofa around the house
Favorite Place To Play
at any park with WATER
Favorite Place To Walk
with water or animals to chase
softer treats or ones that tear easily
beggin treats and large biskets
Vito's Story & Details
I find it hard to believe this is his breed as i thought he was a portugese water dog, but when I sent in the DNA it came back 50% Golden and 50% laso apso....he does have traits I can see...but??? well you tell me? He is the sweetest and what would I know since he can to me from a rescue in Basalt, CO. How could you not love a 3 mo. old puppy that looks like him!

Vito's Puppy Pad

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