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Captain's Bio

joined 7/28/2012

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Captain the White Male Maltichon / Stands 11 inches tall / Weighs 16 lbs / Born 9/27/2007 in Indianapolis IN. / Lives with tmparker171 in Indianapolis, IN (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
Came From
Pet Store
Very playful, love to greet company at the door.
Favorite Toy
Cotton toy Bone
Favorite Hobby
Chewing on throw rugs
Favorite Food
Moist and Meaty Steak
Favorite Treat
Scoobie Snacks
Favorite Trick
Standing on is back legs begging while you eat
Favorite Place To Sleep
In the hall next to my son's room
Favorite Place To Play
In the back yard
Favorite Place To Walk
To the Groomer or Vet
Pork chop bone
Hard dry dog food
Captain's Story & Details
I went into Uncle Bills Pet store to get some fish food. I seen him sitting in the cage looking at me, I had to stop play with him. One of the sales rep ask me If I wanted to hold him, and that did it, something took control of me and before I knew it we were at the checkout and I had already named him Captain. I guess because he was the captain of my purse, I bought him and forgot the fish food and the fact that I hadn't spoken with my Husband about big buy. He loved him as soon as he seen him too.

Captain's Puppy Pad

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