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Jager's Bio

joined 3/25/2009

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Jager the Black Male Labmaraner / Stands 23 inches tall / Weighs 30 lbs / Born 11/22/2008 in Marion, NC / Lives with HellHoundz in Harrisburg, PA (United States)


N/A (Spay & Neuter Information)
N/A (Microchipping Information)
Jager or Jag (as in Jagermeister, Master Hunter in German)
Came From
Lover Boy
Favorite Toy
Big Snake
Favorite Hobby
Running outside and jumping in the creek
Favorite Food
Solid Gold Wolf Cub
Favorite Treat
Pedigree Jumbone
Favorite Trick
Being Bad
Favorite Place To Sleep
Tight up against Dad
Favorite Place To Play
Favorite Place To Walk
None so far
Jager's Story & Details
Jager is one of 7 puppies found along the side of a highway in Marion, NC. My wife and I really weren't looking for a dog at the time, however, when we came by the picture of a Labmaraner on the internet, we fell in love. We called Mercy Animal Rescue out of Marion, NC and proceeded to give them all of our info for the adoption of the pup. However, this puppy was not Jager, it was his sister, Bella. The proceeded to tell us the story of how they found them along side the highway and that there were still a couple left. They also told us that there was a prominent "runt" of the litter who was all black with a little white on his back foot. Well... that was all we needed to hear, we then called back and adopted both of them so that they could become best friends and grow old together...

Jager's Puppy Pad

I go to school with the guy I got Chloe from so I know she came from a good bloodline and I'm hoping one day she'll be a good duck hunting dog. All I can say training wise is to just be consistent and treat both dogs the same. My roommate recently found a bluetick hound-terrier mix and she was let to do whatever she wanted and got away with it. Chloe started acting like her and I basically had to retrain Chloe. At times they'll seem very hard-headed, but just stick with it.
by smm1099 on 4/2/2009 at 10:29 AM

Also,(I saw this on Bella's) a rolled up newspaper and a little pop on the nose or backside will stop the chewing on furniture (or shoes, or anything else they decide to chew on). I lost a pair of shoes while I was in class one time.
by smm1099 on 4/2/2009 at 10:33 AM

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