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Welcome our new baby!

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Hi My name is Melonie. We just got our new puppy yesterday. She is a pit bull and beagle mix. She is beautiful!!So sweet and playful. We have 3 kids, ages 13, 5, and 2. Two large breed dogs. Loki our St.Chowperd (Saint Bernard, Shepard, and Chow mix)and Sebastian, a giant Schnauzer. Two cats, Oreo and Cali. We were looking for a smaller dog for the kids. Our large dogs are wonderful with the kids but they couldn't really play together because they would just knock the kids over. So we saw an ad in the paper for beagle/bulls and were curious. My husband has always wanted a pit bull, and all pit bulls that I have met have been great dogs, but there is always that little bit of skeptisism about pits. Especially with little kids. So we compromised and got our sweet little puppy. She did really well last night. She would not stay in the crate! She definitely has the beagle voice!!! So she slept with me! I am amazed though. She seems to be partially potty trained at 6 weeks old. the only accidents she had were in front of the door. I am so glad I found this site.

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Welcome! It sounds like you got a wonderful new puppy and have a house full [:D] I can't wait to see pics! Good Luck with her!

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