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Borador Experiences

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Having current beginning experience with the pups, who were supposed to be purebred Border Collie, but due to an accidental breeding are mixed with Lab; I can say this mix is what some may want on their farm or even for mixed breed agility. The puppies, very young, are already exhibiting intelligence of the Border Collie and the loves of the Lab-gentle nature and water! Some have longer feathered BCollie hair, others short lab looking hair. Their tails looks lab, as do some of the broader looking heads. Eyes appear BCollie. Coloring is that of the traditional Border Collie except one pup with Tri Coloring. I'll update on future information as my pup matures and would love to hear others experiences to see what I'll expect from him as a herder and participating in agility. So, far I have heard-from a very experienced breeder of BCollies, that this is one of the best breed mixes/mutts to own.

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Hello. We just got our Borador a few days ago. He is about 5mo old & so far is the sweetest thing ever. I have a 4 year old daughter & he is very good with her. We could not be happier with our newest family member! I hope to hear more from other people.
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I have a Borador, Missy. I've never had a dog like her. She makes the strangest noises it's like shes talking to you. I never seem to be able to tire her out. I've only accomplished this twice, when I took her to the lake which she loved.

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