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to all pinnypoo owners!

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I own a pinny-poo! Whoever else owns one lets be friends, and talk about this breed, and other stuff about the pinny-poo. My dog's name is Edward he is black and white, he has white on his chin and on his chest. It is my first time owning a pinny-poo and if you are an expert I need some advice! Im from Louisville KY even though it does not matter where you are from anyways. I would like to know about others pinny-poos! They are great dogs and have the best personality! I dont know how to put a pic on the computer, so i dont have a pic. What is your pinny-poo's name? Color? Sex? weight? (just curious to compare sizes) where are you from? (do not half to put) do you have a pic? Is it your first time owning a pinny-poo? how often do you groom yours? I hope we keep in touch if you want to you can email me at otherwise, i will get the replies/messages on here! Thanks

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