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I hope this is in the right place... but I'm really having a hard time seeing the forums. I believe it's the colors. Would you consider changing them? Just a suggestion.. although I like the color scheme... [:D] It's just hard to see.

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The color of the forums is based on the website color scheme. Is there a particular part you have having trouble viewing or the whole thing in general? Are you not able to actually see things or are the colors just not good? I hate to change the color of just the forum as it compliments the site, but if reading the forums is a common problem I will see what I can do. Any more info about this is greatly appreciated. THANKS!
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I think it must just be me. If no one else seems to be having trouble reading it, then it's probably just me. I think maybe the orangeish on the brown is throwing me off for some reason! I'm a goof![:I]
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Mary, I darkened up the heading backgrounds a bit so they wouldn't be so bright against the darker background. It seems a bit easier on my eyes also. Thanks for the suggestion. They are really appreciated. Keep 'em coming... THANKS!

If it helps, I'll tell you what I see: Brown background Tan and red tab menu along the top. Tan text. Overall I see it very well. Could it be the video settings on your computer? Do you have 16bit or 36 bit colour quality on your screen? If you are running it on 256k IT MAY AFFECT THE COLOURS YOU CAN SEE. Best of luck

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