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New Member Hello

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Hello all I was just wondering if anyone could give me any helpful hints about my puppy Roxy ...Adopted her from an animal shelter...her brothers and sisters were all black except for her..they said she was a weimeraner mix but she is extremely tall and heavy she weighs about 37lbs now and she's four months old and stands pretty tall cause of her legs they are extremely long...she is sweet and gentle she has every thing chocolate about her the nose the eyes the pads on her paws everything Help me please I have some posted pictures of her ... Thank you Casey

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If anyone would like to help me Im open for any opinion anyone has of can email me at and I can send you a picture of her since the picture hasn't posted yet Thanx or you can just leave your email with me and i will send you the pictures of her thanx lol
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Does anybody happen to see great dane in her

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