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[?]My 10 month old Chipoo, Sophie, has started kicking her hind legs when she is anxious or wanting my attention. My Malchi does it after he goes potty and she started doing it several months ago when they would be out together and she would copy him. Now like I said, she does it mostly when she is anxious and wanting my attention. I have read it is a territorial/dominance thing, anyone have any ideas. She was just on the couch with me and stood up and started kicking her hind legs. Se kicks hard too.


I have a snorkie....she does it after she goes potty. I think is probably a territorial thing. She likes to go and play with zsazsa after she does that. Its cute but weird. I think she thinks she is a big girl after she does it. I don't think you need to worry.[/size=3]
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[;)]It is so cute when Bella does that too. She is a 4mo Snorkie. She does that all the time when she wants to get off the bed or attention of any kind. We call that chicken scratching. I have no idea what cause this to happen though.
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oh it's definately territory marking. dogs have sweat glands on the bottoms of their feet that do have scent. She's basically saying "Hey, this is my territory, what are you going to do about it? doing it after eliminating is natural for some dogs though. Like all behaviors with dogs, the action has to be evaluated in context.
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Is she actually kicking you when she does it or is she looking at you and kicking her back feet? One of my dogs has started doing this more and more. It started after going potty which is normal but now he does it on walks sometimes especially when we are on our hikes with other dogs. He is still nervous around other dogs and I seem to notice it most then. I believe it is a way for him to deal with his stress like we would pop our knucles, bite our nails, etc. Another thought is that she has learned it is a way to get your attention. Did you laugh or praise he the first time she did it? Our little Chipoo started doing a circle after going potty when we were potty training her. I remember the first time she did it. We laughed at her and gave her lots of petting and a treat because she went potty. After that she continued doing the circle after going potty before getting he treat. Now, she doesn't really do it much after going potty because she is trained and rarely gets a treat for going but if you have treats out and are working with her lots of times she will do a circle before sitting for a treat. Just something she learned and got reinforced for doing. If it seems like she is trying to get your attention doing it and you really want to get rid of it. Stand up and walk away everytime she does it. It shouldn't take her long to realize that it does not get your attention but in fact the opposite. If she does it you go away and she should start doing it less and less over time and eventually it should stop altogether. Best of Luck!
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It doesn't bother me and yes we laughed at her. Sometimes when she's really kicking I will stand in front of her and kick my feet also. I know it sounds whacky but if it is her way of trying to say she's boss, I want her to know that I am the boss. She will do it when she wants to play, or if one of the other animals are in her way, so I think sometimes she thinks it makes her look bigger cause even my old cats are bigger than her. :)

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