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New 3/4 English Bulldog 1/4 Beagle

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I just recently purchased a puppy. He is 11 weeks old. His mother was a full blooded English Bulldog and his father was 1/2 English bulldog 1/2 Beagle making him 3/4 English Bulldog and 1/4 Beagle. Ive seen pictures of Beabulls and everyone seems to look different. I was curious if anyone has a dog like mine and if so if they could post a picture. Im very curious as to what he is going to look like. Any ideas?


hi my name is poppyben09 im new today i havent got the same dog as you ive got a labrakita i was looking on here aswell for some one with maybe a dog like mine to ? i just thought id say hello and i hope you find all the information you need on your dog good luck x

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