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new member with rescue snorkie

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any one else have a snorkie would love to hear and exchange stories


Hi, My boyfriend and I just adopted a pugshire terrier from a rescue shelter. I have looked on line and the more I look, the more I get confused. They said ours was a porkie too, but online they said a porkie was a pomeranian and yorkie mix???? The mother was a yorkie (well silke actually) and the father was a pug. Please let me know what you know. I am trying to find out the average height and weight full grown. I have found some information (this site had the most) but never said life expectancy or how big they would get. The shelter said 15-20 lbs, but that seems too big for that mix?? Anyone, looking forward to hearing about your dog. Sarah
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Hi! My name is Jennifer and my 6mo old baby's name is Bella. She is a snorkie. I have not found much of anyone with another snorkie not even at the vet's office.I would love to share stories with you.

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