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Hi - Just found this site

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I have a 7 month old Zuchon (Shichon, Teddybear, Furball)who is an absolute Joy. Lulu has such a great personality and loves other animals and people. She is great at giving kisses--except when she realizes that you are leaving her. Sheactually turns away from us and goes to her bed and pouts when we leave for work. That is why we are thinking of getting another puppy to keep her company. Do any of you have any stories about brining in another pup? How did your furbaby take getting a little brother or sister? All advice is welcome. [:)]

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Well we are adopting another puppy. [:D] We will be picking up Ozzy (1/2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and 1/2 poodle) on Saturday. He is a cute little boy and I think he and Lulu will get along famously. I'll be on for advice if they don't.
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Welcome! I can't wait to see pictures. I have a 1 yr old Chipoo and a 11 yr old Malchi. My Malchi wasn't thrilled when I brought home my Sophie but now they love eachother to death. Sophie watches everything he does and copies him. It's very cute to watch. Again, welcome and be sure to post pictures so I can see your little ones.

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