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Discussions > Member Specific > New Members > Adopted puppy....Not sure what his breed is...any thoughts???

Adopted puppy....Not sure what his breed is...any thoughts???

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Adopted our puppy March 6th, he was 9 weeks old. He and his sister were abandoned so the breed is uncertain. Foster parents thought he was a poodle/chihuahua mix. He looked like one at first, but his coat, coloration and body is of course changing everyday! He was pretty pure white, now cream over his eyes up into his ears, a few big cream spots over his back and one at the base of his tail. Has pink skin and his coat is getting more bristly and coarse on his tail and his lower back. But still has a long wispy white coat. After a lot of research, I think he is some sort of terrier chihuahua mix...BUT...???? not sure

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Sorta looks like a Jack Russle Chihuahua mix very cute nonetheless!
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What a cutie he is def looks like some type of Chihuahua terrier cross . He is way to cute with the wild looking hair. Best of luck with him
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Hello and welcome to you both!! I would also say that he is some kind of Chihuahua / Terrier mix. He is totally adorable!!
Just an FYI - if you are interested in truely finding out what breeds may be in his makeup you can always try a dog breed dna test. Anyways best of luck with him and keep us posted on new pics as he grows!!!

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