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Discussions > Training > Behavior > Getting overly exciting when approaching new dog

Getting overly exciting when approaching new dog

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When I take my dog for a walk and she seeing another dog she gets so excited I swear one day she'll rip my arm off! She doesn't bark just pulls really hard. I make her sit until the other dog comes up to her but no matter how many times I do that I can't get her to stop pulling when she first sees them and it's hard to keep her seated. Some times she even stalks them like a cat would stalk a mouse and it makes people nervous. She's super friendly but doesn't always come off that way until she's nose to nose with the other dog. I'm not sure what to do to get her to be calmer about seeing other dogs, can someone give me advice?

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Hello Gypsy! It is very common for dogs to get excited when approaching another dog. If you can I would recommend setting up 'meetings' with other dog owners at nearby parks or other areas. During the 'meetings' both you and the other dog/owner pair should start a fair distance appart and start walking toward each other like you didn't know each other and this was just another causal meeting. If your dog starts to pull to see the other dog turn around and walk her off back the way you came. When she calms down turn back around and continue approaching the other dog/person. If she pulls again, turn around again. Keep repeating this until she is no longer pulling to see this dog. It typically doesn't take the dog long to catch on that if they pull the do not get to say 'hi' to the other dog. Once she has this with one dog schedule another 'meeting' with a different dog. Do this with as many other dogs in as many other locations as you can. It should get a little easier each time as she starts to catch on that pulling = no meeting the other dog. Hope this helps! Best of Luck!
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Thanks that is great advice! I will definitely try that out and let you know how it turns out! Gypsy is a smart girl and I'm sure she'll figure it out and have fun meeting other dogs more often :)

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