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Discussions > Member Specific > New Members > Storm's owner (weimerdane) in chesterton, IN & owner of weimerlab in Anglefire, NM

Storm's owner (weimerdane) in chesterton, IN & owner of weimerlab in Anglefire, NM

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The love of my life was a labradane (15 yrs when I had to put him down) and for 5 years could not even think about getting another dog. 5 yrs later, after a stray walked in front of my car (and into my heart)later had to be put down because of cancer, then a few years later, a "friend" foisted a jack russell on me for 3 yrs (until I found her the perfect home) as am really partial to just big dogs, decided that before another sad case crossed my path, would try to seek him/her out instead. Am thinking a mixed-breed is the BEST DOG THERE IS, so was thinking this time, I would try a weimerdane or a weimerlab and when I saw your pups, was wondering if the individuals you got your mixed-breeds from still had any pups from those litters? With so many UNWANTED dogs at the pound, it is really hard to justify intentional mixed-breeding on purpose, hence - my inquiry. Am 60 yrs old, and live in a rural area with 4 acres of land and need a good guard dog. Those mixed mastiff/rotties or mastiff/danes look swell, but am afraid they will eat me out of house/ home - as THIS time, want to make my own dog food (i.e., web site called "the dog food conspiracy" for my pet - they inundate you with daily emails, however). If you both or any other members have any suggestions as to what would be the perfect mixed-breed protector without a gargantuan appetite, - would be very appreciative of your help.

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