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De-matting tools

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Our Newfiepoo has terrible matting. Can anyone give me a recommendation for the best de-matting tool? I've got a small and large blade-type tool, but so far the best solution has been to shave our boy. We want to keep his furry mane.

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The groomer I used to work for used thinning shears to cut through mats. That way the mat was easier to brush through without losing all the hair.
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I have what they call a dematting comb. It works great. I has a nice handle and blades which cut throught the matts without stressing my dog or hurting her. Once I've cut throught the matt, it is so much easier to brush or comb the rest of the matt without leaving bald spots on the dog.
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My dog can easily matte but with daily groom it is not a problem any more. What I use is a metal bristle puppy brush even though she is a dog. It works well especially if your dog has and undercoat. The bristles on my brush are about 1 1/2 " long and get deep into the coat, also the brush does not hurt the skin so my dog stands still and seem to really enjoy being brushed. Of course she always get a treat after I am finished bushing her for being so cooperative. Happy Grooming

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