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Doxbull puppy won't stop bitting/HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We have a 7 week old doxbull puppy, cute as a button but mean as a snake. He bites very hard when playing and we have been telling him "no bite" and this makes no impact at all. We have tried to divert his attention to his chew toys but he will come right back in a few minutes and bite again. We have bites marks on hands, necks, arms and even faces. it appears he is trying to play but is very stubborn. We had an American Pit Bull for years and he didn't even do this. Help what can we do before he goes out the door?

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Welcome! Unfortunately, biting and nipping is a puppy thing. That is how they learn about their environment. Puppies typically should not leave their mother and littermates until at least 8 weeks of age because they can learn things like bite inhibition from them as well. If he is biting when you play, make a loud (but not scarry) shriek right when he first bites, stand up and cross your arms. Don't talk to him, look at him or play with him for a minute or two. After a minute or two you can go back to playing with him. The high pitched squeal you make will be similar to the yelp another puppy would make if he bit them too hard. By stopping the play you are showing him that biting you has consequences that he does not like as most puppies love nothing more than playing with you. It may take a little time (a few weeks) but if EVERYONE in the house is consistent (meaning EVERY time he bites the play must stop IMMEDIATELY) he should catch on rather quickly. Hope this helps!!

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