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Feeding question

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My husband and I just got our first daniff. He is a love bug and great, but we are super confused as to what he should be eating and how? Currently we have him on blue buffalo and it is elevated, however there is alot of info out here on the net and opinions seem to vary alot! Should his food be elevated? Is blue buf a good dog food or should we switch to eagle pack? Should he be on large breed puppy? We have only had pure danes before and had them on eagle but it is hard to come by here and shipping is out of this world in price. We have always elevated but now I read on a site that it's not needed. Any info about this and his breed would be great. Just to have someone eles to talk to that is familiar with the breed would be wonderful to. thank you

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we also have are first daniff. he is 4 mounths old and has ben eating eagle pack large and giant breed puppy since we picked him up, and he loves it and thare hasnt ben any isues. as far as the elevation of the food goes, we have herd several different opinions, and we are elevating his food starting today. the reason for it is that he gets the hiccups alot, some times after eating, and other times when he is laying arround. hope the info is helpfull( i know its late) i will reply with some results on the food elevation. Jake
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I also have a Daniff, (1st Giant breed dog). I feed twice a day about 3 cups each feeding. At 8 months old, we put him on adult dog food. I feed Nutra Nuggets twice a day with a little wet can food (2 tablespoons). Is this correct feeding? We also give him fish oil capsules (he loves them). I would love any advise.
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elevating ben's food worked great, he get's the hicups alot less. and has an easyer time eating in general. hope this helps. Jake

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