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Discussions > Member Specific > New Members > Hello from Quebec, Daniff ?

Hello from Quebec, Daniff ?

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First off, we are not 100 sure if he is indeed a Daniff though most agree this is the closest match. He was found by a friend of mine who could not keep him. I was at the time looking for a Doberman mix but the minute I saw this guy it was decided.. and we couldn't be happier. I've known a few Danes and Neapolitan Mastiffs and there is no question in my mind that Bo has strong characteristics of both. He can be skittish at times but also stands his ground when necessary, alert and aware at all times he announces this house is protected when visitors arrive and he seems to know that one or 2 quite BIG barks is enough. I'm looking forward to hearing what others think about his breed and I will post pictures as soon as i figure out where they should go. 30", 100+lbs, brindle and sweet as maple syrop:)

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We just got a new daniff puppy yesterday. She is 11 weeks old and seems very smart. She is also very attached to people. If she cannot she my husband or myself she cries. Do you think this will continue?
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Congrats! Not sure but I can say reassurance is what this dog needs. Mine does hate when i am not around or if he can't be right beside me and he'll try desperately to surpass any obstacle that separates us haha. Bo has mellowed a tad since i first got him so I am sure in time Sadie will too. Can't wait to see pictures! Good luck with her.

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