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Greybull Puppies

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We are having pit bull/ greyhound puppies in about another month or so , Annie the Pit Bull is newly pregnant from PorkChop the Greyhound, I would like info on this breed, any tips you have , How much will my puppies be worth, help... didnt even know there was such a breed, I was excited to learn of the Greybull....[:I]

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[size=5][font=Tahoma][b]Someone please give me a link about this breed ... 41 reads and no replies .... please help me :([/b][/font=Tahoma][/size=5]
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Hello and welcome! As you have probably seen we do not have any Greybull information yet. All of the information on our site is submitted by people who own these dogs. You are more than welcome to submit information about your puppies after they are born. As far as how much they are worth. There is no set amount they are only worth what people are willing to pay. Money should not be a factor in breeding or finding them a forever home. Take care to screen the prospective owners to make sure they will provide wonderful loving home and your beloved puppies will not end up in a shelter. Also, as a breeder you should have some sort of a contract and be willing to take any puppy back from the owners if they can no longer keep the dog. Best of luck with the puppies!!

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