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Hi everybody!... Just found this site and had to join.It's hard to find sites dedicated to mixed breed dogs ! I was hoping to see pics of dogs that are the same breed as mine ( Pekingese & Shih Tzu )....apparently he is the only one here, so far! When I got him, they called him a "peka-Tzu" and then later I was told that he was a "Shi-nese"...on here he is a "Shih-teze"....whatever he is to anyone else....he is my HEART. I love this special little creature more than I could ever say. He is the sweetest soul I have ever known. If I had gotten him before I had children,.... well... maybe he would be an only child !..LOL.. Seriously he is the love of my life and the center of my family's world. He is included in EVERYTHING we do. I have been reading some of the bios and ya'll have beautiful babies too !...This site is wonderful!

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Welcome! Glad you like the site. It was created for just that reason because there are so few sites who actually accept these wonderful dogs! You have a beautiful baby. Enjoy the Site! [:D]
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Hello and Welcome!!!

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