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I am new here. My husband and I are the proud parents of two beautiful mixed breed dogs and four cats. Our dogs are a black lab Saint Bernard mix named Cash. He is almost a year old. Our other dog is a beagle bull named Tracker. He is about eight months old. Neither one of our big guys has been fixed yet and surprisingly we have had no fights between them and Tracker has not  acted aggressively towards Cash. They get along really well. They play together all the time. They will also eat their dry food together from the same large bowl. With canned food, they prefer to have their own servings. Tracker has some of the characteristic personality traits of his breed. He is a real people dog like the beagle but he has that protective nature of the pit bull. Our dogs are well socialized with people and they eagerly try to meet new people that we welcome into the home. Tracker loves looking out the window and lets us know when anyone is walking by the house. When we have him out for a walk, he will bark at anyone that goes by.

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welcome! sounds like some cute mixes. why are they not neutered?most aggrerssion issues do not start until 1 1/2 -3 yrs of age. I have rescued Pit Bulls for over 15yrs. and have never had real issues as long as they are prevented, like spaying and neutering and not feeding together out of the same bowl. Why take the chance. LOL! I have a Fila Brasileiro named Flower and a Miniboz(boston/mini schnauzer)named Daisy. My 7yro dd named them. We lost our Pit Bull last May to kidney cancer. hope you enjoy this forum. It is not overly active.

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