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New dog owner

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I rescued a Mal-Shi and am needing any information I might get. He was found living in a road culvert but was obviously a once well cared for dog as he had been groomed, not recently but you could tell. He is very timid around me as well as other men leading me to believe he had been abused by a man. He is loving and happy around females. I have named him, for now, Rocky but he must have had a name since he doesn't seem to reply to anything he is called. Wondering what to do about that. He has peed in the house repeatedly but only defecated once. He never goes when I take him out. I leave a bowl of  food and water out at all times. I've been told to feed him twice a day. Should I only put food in at those times rather than giving access 24/7? One of his eyes is matted badly. How should I get that off and what should I use to do so? I'd be grateful for any advice.

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